AJ was a 5 year old when a friend of the family pulled 3 ropes out of their pocket and turned them into one rope.

As a young teenager, he took a job at a magic shop and it was there that he really started to study and hone his skills.

At 17, he began working as a magician in restaurants and developing his close-up material.  One day, a customer said, “come do magic at my kid’s birthday party”  That first party was a train wreck. A confused flutter of shiny shirts, silks, and sponges.

14 years have passed since little Timmy’s 6th birthday.  AJ became relentless in developing the perfect family show, determined to instill in children that love of magic that he felt when he was a kid.

While on that quest, he diligently worked on his close up magic routines, receiving several awards for some of them along the way.  His venues changed from restaurants to connecting guests at galas and weddings.

In college, he fused his love of spoken word and music with his magic to create an engaging stage show for live music venues and concerts that utilizes musicians and dancers and engages audiences 21+.

AJ has a modern approach to the classics, and fresh ideas for the future of magic.

Drawing on these years of different experiences, AJ’s magical skill set is quite diverse, and his style is more than unique; it’s downright impressive.


A Few Fun Facts about AJ:

  • He street performed across Europe for 6 months.
  • When in Egypt, he was BEGGED to perform an impromptu set on stage in front of 500 people.
  • He was awarded a full scholarship to go study at the famous Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.
  • AJ has been twice named the best magician in Chicago by the Chicago Reader.

He performs about 250 public and private events annually.