The Perfect Way to Unite Your Family and Friends

Are you looking to add a fun, unique, and sophisticated detail that your guests will recall for years?  Picture the room buzzing with astonished laughs and chatter as Anthony mingles with your guests at the cocktail hour, creating memories and bonds between the two sets of families and friends.  Not only do you get top tier entertainment; you also address logistical solutions to some of the most common issues at weddings.


Eliminate the Cocktail Hour Lull!

  • Don’t just rely on the open bar
  • Bring people together and get them laughing!
  • Ensure your guests keep the good feelings buzzing

Get People Talking!

  • Facilitate a warm and exciting atmosphere to bring the two families together for the first time.
  • Engage everyone from the quiet guests that don’t know many people, to the large and loud crowds of cousins ready to party!

Add Magic to Your Special Day!

  • Personalized messages of love
  • Color coordinated props
  • Emphasize the uniqueness and memorable moments of your magical experience





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